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Loneliness and Self-Expression

Episode No. 64

Karma limits our ability to self-express, which leads to loneliness. How can we learn to be more self-expressive? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

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Every compulsion and every fixation that we are made of temporarily limits our self-expression. So, when we have fixations and compulsions, our creativity becomes more limited. Our ability to love and feel compassion and empathy becomes limited. Our general skill in expressing ourselves becomes more limited. Each of us has varying degrees of fixations: patterns of body, energy, and mind, habits of body, energy, and mind that are limited. And to whatever extent we’re experiencing limitation of our body, energy, and mind, we are experiencing a limitation on our self-expression, or just basic expressiveness.

The more our ability to self-express is limited, the lonelier we feel. So, our degree of loneliness depends on our ability to express ourselves, our freedom of expression. If you are someone who feels very tense about your self-expression, if you’re aware of that as being a major tension, then you’re probably experiencing a lot of loneliness. Every single fixation has, at its root, some lack or loss of intimacy with others and just life in general, and even with ourselves. But some people can be unaware of that.