Saturn the Fierce

saturn - nasa
September 19, 2018

Who is Saturn? Why is he a yogi’s best friend? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.

First Words from Podcast

Venus and Jupiter are considered to be the gurus of the solar system. Jupiter of so-called higher wisdom, and Venus of the wisdom of every day. We need wisdom to live well in an everyday, ordinary sense. And we need wisdom to seek the supreme Self. Saturn is said to be the servant of the gods. So you could say that Saturn is the one who is given to the gods. Always serving what? Serving wisdom.

When we are under the influence of Saturn, we “turn” towards “Sat.” Sat means Reality. This is why people despair when they go into a Saturn period or Saturn is having a major impact. Because most of us would rather not turn towards Sat.

In the sense that Saturn gives us opportunities to turn towards Sat, Saturn is at least equal to Jupiter in being a good friend to the yogi or yogini. That’s because this is about turning towards Reality. It’s not about building a better fantasy or just making a more comfortable home in the ordinary. It’s actually about serving wisdom and learning how to do that. And that means turning towards Reality, towards what is actually happening.


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