Self-hatred and the Creativity of God

Offering Fire
April 21, 2021

What is hatred? What causes hatred and especially self-hatred? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

Student: I actually was wondering if you could talk about hatred. I was kind of just curious about it, and where it comes from.

Shambhavi: Well hatred is an aspect of fire element. You could say it’s an expression of fire element when it’s unbalanced and especially in the extreme.

Think about the experience of hatred. First of all it’s one of extreme focus. There is really nothing like hatred and/or being in love. They’re two ends of the spectrum, neither of which is very balanced. Although being in love is more pleasant, it’s just as obsessional.

So hatred is extremely focused. Hatred works the details, so this is the relationship to fire element. It has this incredible focus of attention and incredible focus on details. When you are compelled to hate something or someone you have this clarity of vision, but it’s like being locked up in a little cell with one movie playing the whole time over and over again. And hatred, of course, builds cases. That’s how it functions. In order to sustain hate, you have to build cases. And those cases get more and more details added to them.

So this is all this aspect of fire element and its relationship to vision. And of course the enlightened essence nature of fire, or anger, is clarity, right? So that clarity gets just compressed into this very narrow, monomaniacal track. And then fire element is raging. And we call that raging feeling of fire element hatred.


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