Self-realization and Immersion in Presence

Shambhavi holds a child
October 17, 2018

Shambhavi asks students “What is self-realization?” She then talks about the need to stop measuring your progress and about self-realization as knowing yourself, recognizing the equality of all phenomena, and discovering wisdom at the heart of reality. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

First Words from Podcast

Shambhavi asks: I have a question for you, especially for people that haven’t been around long. What’s your idea of self-realization? Or liberation or enlightenment—whatever term you may use—what’s your idea of that?

People at satsang answer:

Well, I think it’s knowing and having enough self-knowledge in an embodied way, so that you can host other people and share connection with other people and other beings—nature and all that.

To be completely present and completely in love with each moment and each interaction.

To embrace our humanity and our divinity at the same time.

Ease of mind.

Living an uncontrived and fully expressive human life while also being devoted to others and naturally being of service.

Two words that really stood out were uncontrived and present.

Really feeling how everything is auspicious and everything is the same taste.

Spontaneous, free, graceful, and no tension.

Feeling open without a filter or defense of any kind between you and what’s coming toward you.

Feeling total responsiveness with no holds barred, and feeling friendly towards everything.

I just imagine liquefying into a flow, like melting away tightness and flowing.

Realizing that who and what we are is not this body or this personality. And that who we really are is really something that probably cannot be described in words.





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