Students and Teachers Working Together

July 29, 2020

Podcast in the rough! During her Northwest tour in 2019, Shambhavi offered satsang at venues where recording equipment was rudimentary, but the energy was going strong. This one happened in Portland, Oregon. Shambhavi shares some about how she related to her teachers. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

You know it’s kind of a mystery how people know how to work with teachers in this kind of tradition. And it’s a mystery to me why I knew how to do it from the beginning without anyone telling me. That is just an unfathomable mystery. Growing up in Philadelphia with Jewish parents who didn’t give a bleep about this kind of thing—how did I know how to work with teachers? Why? How?

And then is it possible to teach anybody that? Or is it just something you have or develop on your own through the process? Or you know, is it karma, past-life karma? I don’t really know.

But I can tell you this: that I listened to my teachers with utter intensity and fidelity. I listened to them with my whole being. When I was sitting in teachings with my teachers I was opening to the transmission as deeply as I could, in a conscious way. I was listening in a non-ordinary way. I was listening to everything they said, every nuance, every flow between us. I was just trying to get everything I possibly could out of those relationships, even when they weren’t great teachers.

The reason wasn’t utilitarian so much as my just utter fascination with it. It was like sitting in the middle of an orchestra playing the most incredible music and just listening to every instrument. And I feel that way teaching, too. Just being in this unbelievably rich environment where I get to use all of my listening skills. I’m listening with my body, with my energy, with my mind, with my heart, and with my intelligence. And I just love that.


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