Surrender and Spiritual Practice
December 19, 2018

Should we be suspicious of surrender? Is surrender dangerous? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

Hi everybody! The topic tonight is surrender. The scuttlebutt on the street in the West is that we don’t do surrender. And the reason is that we don’t actually understand surrender.

Lots of people think that surrender means throwing yourself at somebody’s feet. That it means giving up your intelligence, your discrimination, possibly your goods, and possibly your body—and then some time later complaining on an internet site about whoever you thought you were surrendering to. That really has nothing to do with surrender.

We might think that surrender is throwing ourselves at somebody’s feet. We might say, “Okay, I’ve done it. I’m done. I’ve surrendered now. You fix everything.” That’s not surrender either.

What surrender means is surrendering to our real nature. That’s the only form of surrender that actually is. We discover what direction to go to discover our real nature. Then we just agree to go that way. So we use our freedom to agree to go in the direction of our own realization. All surrender is this. We’re surrendering to that natural process of unfoldment.

How do we do that? The first thing we have to surrender is the watcher. Watching ourselves doing everything, deciding everything, watching other people, and being vigilant about other people and ourselves is the opposite of surrender.



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