My Teacher Drinks, Smokes, and has Sex

crazy wisdom
September 25, 2019

Shambhavi tells a famous story about a student who is shocked by his teacher’s behavior. Then there is a Tantrik pop quiz and a lively discussion about relating to yourself relating to teachers, crazy wisdom teachers, and throat-slitting on Game of Thrones. Heads up that the sound quality in this episode is less than ideal due to a fan that was running in the background. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

This is a story that’s actually a teaching story. Some things like this may have happened, but it’s a kind of a story that’s told in direct realization traditions. Different versions of this story are told, and some of you have heard me tell this version before. I think it was a Daoist teacher who told me this story, so this is a Daoist version. But you’ll also hear stories like this in Dzogchen traditions and in Tantrik traditions from India.

There’s a student who has a direct realization teacher, a crazy wisdom teacher. And this student was very accomplished. He was the heart son of the teacher, of the guru. That means he was the one who was inheriting, supposedly, all of the teacher’s accomplishment. He would go on to teach after the teacher died. That’s what that means—a heart son or a heart daughter.

And so this student had never been to his teacher’s house. Ever. And one day the teacher invited him over for dinner. And the student was, you know—“oh my god!” I’ve been studying with this  teacher for twenty years, and I’ve never had dinner at his house. He was very, very excited. So he bought a gift, and he got all dressed up. And he went to the teacher’s house. He knocked on the door. And he heard some weird sounds coming from inside. Some shuffling.


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