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Trika Heroin

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Episode No. 42

The heroin of modern-day interpretations of Trika Shaivism is the lure and lulling promise of “sudden enlightenment.” So why aren’t we all enlightened already? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


In the tradition of Trika Shaivism, or Kashmir Shaivism, which is largely the tradition that I was trained in, we have a very special kind of heroin. And, this is what it sounds like. So somebody posted this to Facebook. “Yay, we don’t have to do any practice. We can just directly realize our nature and just enjoy everything.” And people wrote back “Yay! Great. Love it! ” This is the special heroin of Trika Shaivism. It’s called anupaya. In the tradition there are four upayas. Upaya is a skillful means, or a method. So there are four methods, more or less. Of course, anupaya is the highest. What we could call the heroin of Trika Shaivism is this idea of sudden enlightenment. It’s a very attractive idea. it’s not that it doesn’t exist in the tradition. Of course it exists, but so do the other three upayas.