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What is Love?

Episode No. 33

You can’t feel love until you open your heart and give generously. Love doesn’t exist without giving. Trying to get love from others paradoxically prevents you from feeling love. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


First I want to say that I love all of you very, very much, even those of you that I’ve never met before, and all the people that have been here studying with me, including those who are not in this room. When you try to get love from me, however, you don’t receive the love that I’m giving you. This is the paradox. It not only applies to your relationship to me, but with everyone.

When you are trying to get love, when you are trying to fix relationships with people so that they have the kind of faux permanence that you think will satisfy your anxiety about being loved, about being abandoned, about being lonely, when you try to manipulate reality, manipulate teacher, manipulate partners, manipulate friends into “loving you” in the way that small self defines love, you cannot be loved, cannot feel loved. That is the paradox. Those of you who come to me and say, “Oh, I love you so much. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me. Love me.” You people have no idea how much I love you.