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What’s In A Spiritual Name?

Altar wih Ma
Episode No. 37

Did you ever wonder why people get spiritual names? Shambhavi riffs about how a spiritual name can help you to discover and develop skills and strengths in yourself. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi.


The place of the name in Indian spiritual traditions really can’t be overemphasized. Not just spiritual names, but names in general. We know that a lot of practice—mantra practice, kirtan practice, prayer— consists of calling the name of some quality or aspect of God, of the Divine. And in this tradition, the name has a much different significance than it does in most Western traditions of naming that we’re familiar with. . . .

The name is part of the manifestation of whatever is being named. So, along that continuum of becoming is the name: the name of Durga, the name of Shiva, the name of anything. Those names are part of cosmology. They’re part of the birthing of the experience of form, and so they are integrally related to whatever it is that we consider to have that name.