Sixty-Five Prayer

heart cave
July 20, 2021

A poem from Shambhavi on the occasion of turning sixty-five years old. She also wrote Inexplicable Grace, a short reflection on her life as a student of her teachers.

Sixty-five Prayer

I no longer want crazy spiritual experiences.
I ask for guidance.

I no longer exert myself
chasing accomplishments.
I pray to continue as a servant.

I’m no longer seeking
special companions.
Just permit me to give away
all that has been gathered.

My optimism is waning.
That’s been painful.

Now I’m using all my might,
crossing the bardos of refusal
to the shores of reconcilliation.

After years of happiness
recognizing the real nature,
my heart is broken open,
and the taste of you and you and
you grieving
hijacks my tongue
day and night.