The Sweet Taste

sweet taste
January 16, 2020

I want to always offer
the sweet taste
the jasmine scent
the diamond View
to my teachers
to the wisdom senders
and all who come around.

No matter what happens
I always return to this unobstructed way
entering the heart again and again
exhorting the sweet garden
to meet the senses of anyone near.
What is so-called self-realization
compared to this?

Walking along,
forget about accomplishments!
This is not even a path.
Sometimes it’s an amusement park ride
or a jump off a cliff
or a crazy slow song.
Other times, I just rest quietly
in what dances and shines.

But whatever this is,
I take refuge
in the cave of the heart,
the fresh green
emerging from the blue,
the void
and the fountain of light
flowing eternally sweet
from the core.

~Shambhavi Sarasvati