Make My Whole Body a Prayer

shambhavi puja
June 8, 2019

Dohas are spontaneous songs of spiritual experience, celebration, and prayer. They often contain spiritual teachings. The dohas of teachers are sometimes sung by students as part of their sadhana. Dohas have existed since ancient times in traditions from both India and Tibet.

Shambhavi started producing dohas during a personal retreat. As she says, “Dohas are intimate self-expressions at the same time that they speak about the essence of existence and waking up.”


Make my whole body a prayer
Let every part of me speak your name
Fold my body, energy, and mind
Back into your vast embrace

You make time and space disappear
A moment and eternity are the same
The sky above is a symbol
of the nature of your mind

Feel my breath entering yours
These glad meetings lighten my bones
Words of wisdom melt away
when I cross the threshold to home

My whole being is a prayer
that you stand revealed to all
that your sweetness rule the land
and the unchanging goodness prevail

Light the lamp in every heart
Speak the words of how things are
Pour forth the songs from every space
Make my whole body a prayer

Music and lyrics by Shambhavi Sarasvati.

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