Jaya Kula – What Does It Mean?

August 4, 2009

A reader from London asked about the meaning of “Jaya Kula.”

The name Jaya Kula was given to me by my Guru. It has many beautiful meanings. As with any name given by a  Guru, it functions as a beacon, reminding us of the purpose of life and guiding us toward our true destination, our true refuge and home in the Supreme Self.

Jaya means victory. The only real victory is Self-realization.

Kula is a very ancient word from the tradition of North Indian Tantra. It has several meanings.

Victory bannerKula means Mother. So Jaya Kula means Victory to the Mother! — may She prevail on all beings!

Kula also means the family of practitioners. We are the manifest body of the Mother. The Mother manifests Her practitioners to play the game of sadhana. So Jaya Kula means Victory (Self-realization) to the family of practitioners!

Kula means all beings. So Jaya Kula means Victory to all beings!

Finally, kula means Reality. Reality is victorious! There is no question that all beings will Self-realize, including you.

In Ma’s love,