Because No One Taught Me Your Names

prayer to world
March 28, 2019

Because no one taught me your names,
I am free to
perceive them.

In a book
your names are
the five wisdoms.
Other books say
one or five or thirty-six.

And how many times
have I chanted the 108 or 1008
names of your embodied forms?

Those are great,
but wondrous are
the names that shine
from the dark,
from the blue, from the heart,
and the sunlit sky.

Written in the
colors of gems,
singing out
from the empty fullness of all,
they speak themselves
full of light
into my eyes, into
my skin, into the
soles of my feet,
and the cave
and the crown.

Within and without
cannot withstand this
onslaught of
visible sound.

And this is how
I came to know
those wisdoms intimately.
I call them play and
and kindness and
I call them curious,
and pristine joy.
I call them
devotion and
the unbound.
I call them
generous and
brilliance without limit or time.

These names are broken—
never closing the gap
from which the unsayable appears.
But for those whose hearts divine,
whose whole bodies are a prayer,
I speak them here for you.

~Shambhavi Sarasvati