Sadhana is Play

handstand fun
February 2, 2012

Human bodies are the great playground. But in the course of doing spiritual practice, we are asked to sit in meditation postures that are difficult for our bodies to relax into immediately. It is best in these circumstances to use props, such as cushions under the knees, in order to slowly, perhaps over years, give our bodies the chance to relax.

Anandamayi NA
“Sadhana is nothing but playfulness.” –Anandamayi Ma

If you approach every pain or passing discomfort as an embarrassing obstacle or problem, it is possible to lose all sense of playfulness and experimentation. If your pride gets in the way of your patience, you will either hurt yourself, or give up.

See how you can work with your body in a friendly, playful, experimental way. What can happen to your body over time? I don’t know about you, but I feel curious. My body has relaxed dramatically over the past twenty-five years, and believe me, I started out with innumerable pains.

It’s fantastic to play the game of sadhana and see what can happen when you approach your practice with awareness, persistence, curiosity, and lightness and humor. Try it. You’ll like it.

Love, Shambhavi