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You just have to show up

Most Jaya Kula teachings, rituals, and events are open to everyone. Coming to satsang is usually the best way to start to get acquainted with our teachings, practices, teacher, and community. Satsang happens every Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like.

Get to know us better

Trika Foundations is a four-day immersion for people who want a more thorough introduction to direct realization view and practice. Foundations will give you a clear idea of what Trika Shaivism has to say about the nature of reality, human life, self-realization, and cosmology. You will receive a complete practice that includes mantra, meditation, kriya yoga, hatha yoga, and Ayurvedic self-care. The next Foundations will happen in the Bay Area in August 2021.

In addition to weekly satsangs and Trika Foundations, there are many other special teachings each year. These give you a wide range of practical tools to enhance your health, relationships with others, and seated spiritual practice.

Full Moon Circle is how to go deeper

If you feel a natural commitment to going deeper, you can ask to join the Full Moon Circle. The Full Moon Circle comprises a group of students who move together, attending a series of traditional, formal teachings and practicing as guided by Shambhavi.

Full Moon Circle meets monthly or more often as needed. It opens to new students at times specified by Shambhavi. In order to join the Full Moon Circle, you must have taken Trika Foundations, and you must have a firmly established, daily practice consisting of sadhana taught to you by Shambhavi.

New Moon Circle

Once students have completed all of the teachings offered in the Full Moon Circle and have a well-established daily practice, they can ask to join the New Moon Circle. The New Moon Circle is a group of engaged students who meet with Shambhavi monthly to practice and study together in a less formal way. Participants attend a minimum of nine gatherings a year.