Most Jaya Kula teachings, rituals, and events are open to everyone. Coming to satsang is usually the best way to start to get acquainted with our teachings, practices, teacher, and community. Satsang happens every Sunday afternoon. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like.

Shambhavi also live streams Morning Heart Worship every Tuesday morning at 7:30am Pacific. Morning Heart Worship is a group meditation focused on explorations of the heart space, also known as the cave of the heart. You can participate on Shambhavi’s Facebook page or on Jaya Kula’s YouTube channel.


Trika Foundations is a four-day immersion for people who want a more thorough introduction to direct realization view and practice. Foundations will give you a clear idea of what Trika Shaivism has to say about the nature of reality, human life, self-realization, and cosmology. You will receive a complete practice that includes mantra, meditation, kriya yoga, hatha yoga, and Ayurvedic self-care. The next Trika Foundations will be in April 18-21, 2024. Please check the Our Offerings page for upcoming teachings. 

In addition to weekly satsangs and Trika Foundations, there are many other special teachings each year. These give you a wide range of practical tools to enhance your health, relationships with others, and seated spiritual practice. 

Teacher training and endorsements

Everything we offer at Jaya Kula is for the purpose of giving you the tools and support you need to self-realize. Our emphasis is on individually and collectively doing spiritual practice. We do not offer teacher trainings, certificate courses, or continuing education credits. Shambhavi has not trained anyone to teach and has not authorized or endorsed any teachers. If you are already teaching, you may not teach anything you have learned from Shambhavi without her express permission.