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The Shape of Jaya Kula

The Mandala: our entire community, near and far

Mandala means circle and also the whole body or the totality. In the Tantrik traditions, spiritual communities are sometimes referred to as Mandalas. Whether near or far, anyone who makes a dharma connection to Jaya Kula is considered to be an aspect of our Mandala. Those participating in the Mandala may or may not feel any particular commitment to the teacher or the teachings. They may stay for a lifetime or only a little while.

THE MāLĀ: A social sadhana game played by Jaya Kula students

Jaya Kula is community-run. We approach running Jaya Kula as a social sadhana game that encourages us to integrate everyday life with spiritual practice. The current game is called The Mālā.

The Mālā consists of eleven Bindus (people) who plan and energize Expressions (actions) in different domains. Bindus bring skill, wisdom, and compassion to their domains and have autonomy in how domains are expressed.

The Domains and Bindus of the Mālā the mala

  • Jaya Kula’s Board of Directors: The “BOD” hosts the financial health, honesty, legality and integrity of Jaya Kula. Current Bindus are: Matridarshana Lamb, Nirmana Davila, Sahaji Rablin, Gangotri Ferris, Alexandra Ricketts, and Shambhavi Sarasvati.
  • Amethyst: Hosts media including video and podcasts. Current Bindu is Tania Doles.
  • Diamond: Hosts money. Current Bindus are Sahaji Rablin and Matridarshana Lamb.
  • Emerald: Hosts book publication. Current Bindu is Matridarshana Lamb.
  • Jade: Hosts technology. Current Bindu is Charandas Batra.
  • Opal: Hosts community engagement IRL and Online – Bindus are Kailashi Ziegler and Alexandra Ricketts.
  • Ruby: Hosts policies related to protecting students from harassment and keeping teaching spaces safe during the pandemic. Current Bindu is Devamadhu Keefe.
  • Sapphire: Hosts teachings and Shambhavi.


As we are being generously hosted by this alive, aware reality, welcoming and hosting people and spaces is central to the culture of Jaya Kula and to our practice.

Students who are trained as hosts, or who are participating in other seva, sign up here. Just click the image below.

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If you have technical questions about signing up for Seva using Signup Genius, contact Nirmana on Slack.

If you have questions about participating in Seva, contact Sahaji on Slack‬.