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The Shape of Jaya Kula

The Mandala: our entire community, near and far

Mandala means circle and also the whole body or the totality. In the Tantrik traditions, spiritual communities are sometimes referred to as Mandalas. Whether near or far, anyone who makes a dharma connection to Jaya Kula is considered to be an aspect of our Mandala. Those participating in the Mandala may or may not feel any particular commitment to the teacher or the teachings. They may stay for a lifetime or only a little while.

The Cruocracy: A social sadhana game played by Jaya Kula students who are engaged in offering service to the Mandala.

Cruocracy consists of Andas (bodies) of Agents (people) who have Authorities to plan and energize specific Expressions (actions).

The Andas of the Cruocracy are:

  • Jaya Kula’s Board of Directors: The “BOD” hosts the financial health, honesty, legality and integrity of Jaya Kula
  • Gold Anda: Hosts Cruocracy and communications platforms
  • Blue Anda: Hosts live teachings
  • Rainbow Anda: Hosts special events and our teaching spaces
  • Silver Anda: Hosts media such as videos and podcasts
  • Green Anda: Hosts our technology
  • Yellow Anda: Hosts financial resources
  • Orange Anda: Hosts Jaya Kula Press publications

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