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Throughout the ages, students have gone to extraordinary lengths to receive teachings and support their teachers. At the same time, teachers and lineages do their part to support sincere students.

Here’s what we are doing.

Keeping teachings affordable

  • Pujas and celebrations are always free.
  • Satsang, kirtan and other regular gatherings are “Give What You Can.” This means you are free to choose what to give. Additionally, our community asked for an option to give monthly for regular gatherings. Jaya Kula’s sliding-scale program, Milk Ghee Ojas, provides this opportunity, along with other benefits.
  • All other teachings, including multi-day teachings and retreats, offer a “regular” and a “low-income or repeating” option. Just choose what’s right for you.
  • If the low-income option still presents a financial barrier for you, you can receive a further discount from our student-funded Lakshmi’s Cupboard program. Just ask Shambhavi, or write to us.

Direct financial assistance to students

  • Jaya Kula offers occasional, small medical assistance grants to regular members of the Jaya Kula community.
  • Jaya Kula offers occasional financial assistance to help with travel costs when lower income students want to come to California to attend teachings.

Supporting other nonprofit organizations

  • Our Trident Fund donors manage our Generosity Talks Circle. Generosity Talks makes a modest annual donation to another religious- or spiritually-based nonprofit organization in order to support its mission.  Read about Generosity Talks