Shambhavi offers satsang and kirtan every Sunday at 3:30pm Pacific. You can attend live or via Zoom. 

The zoom login information for satsang is posted in a private Facebook group. Please visit Jaya Kula News and ask to join. If you’re not on Facebook, please email nirmana [at] For in-person attendance, please click below for current Jaya Kula COVID safety policies.

Read the Jaya Kula COVID Safety Policy

Morning Heart Worship

Morning Heart Worship with Shambhavi happens via livestream every Tuesday morning at 7:30am Pacific.

Join via Shambhavi’s Facebook page or on Jaya Kula’s YouTube channel. Check the calendar for more details.

Most regular gatherings for satsang and practice are offered on a Give What You Can basis. Find out what that means here. 


Shambhavi offers traditional teachings in meditation, mantra, kriya yoga, puja, and other forms of sadhana. 

Special teachings topics include death and dying, sex and relationships, deities of the Trika tradition, and healing and purification practices. 

Trika Foundations, a complete introduction to direct realization practice and View, is offered 2-3 times annually. Shambhavi also leads retreats and pilgrimages to India.

Other offerings include reading groups, Ayurveda for You, Jyotish for You, and study groups for students working closely with Shambhavi.

Due to the pandemic, many teachings are now being live-streamed. Please check individual event pages for all the details.

Meditation Harvest Retreat

Meditation Harvest
Thursday, Oct 26, 2023 -

OCT 26-29. Harvest time is when we cut down what has grown and, through that process of destruction, receive nourishment. Join Shambhavi Sarasvati and the Jaya Kula community for a traditional sitting meditation retreat. We sit through the destruction of conceptual life and dualistic vision into the nourishment of the supreme state. Live in Portland, OR.

Dream Yoga Foundations

Saturday, Nov 11, 2023 -

Learn to use dreaming to release karmic patterns, resolve tensions with ancestors, and discover more of your human capacity. With Shambhavi Sarasvati. Live in Portland, OR and livestreamed.


pop up satsang

If you live anywhere from The Dalles to the coast, from Vancouver to Silverton, Shambhavi would be happy to show up and give satsang + kirtan at your house, yoga studio, yurt, yard, store, cafe, or co-housing project.

Pop up satsangs are subject to Jaya Kula’s current COVID safety regulations. Use our contact form or email nirmana [at] to say hi and let us know you’d like to host a satsang.