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Milk cream produces butter which refined yields ghee.

MGOMilk Ghee Ojas (MGO) began in early 2014 when students of Jaya Kula expressed the desire to give monthly rather than donating at individual satsangs and other gatherings.

Since that time, MGO has become a pillar of support for Jaya Kula: ensuring year-after-year stability for our community and substantially helping Shambhavi to continue providing teachings to all who want them.

How MGO works

  • MGO participants give a recurring monthly donation to Jaya Kula.
  • Once you are an MGO monthly participant, you don’t need to make additional donations for satsangs, kirtans, meditations, reading groups, pujas, or fire ceremonies.
  • You will also be granted access to MGO Peeps—a password-protected section of the Jaya Kula website where you can listen to special audio and video excerpts from Shambhavi’s dharma talks and recordings of our Wisdom Words text reading gatherings.
  • MGO participation is on an individual basis. We do not offer couple or household options.

Three ways to give – Donation Levels

Milk: You are the source and foundation of everything. You give $50-79 per month.

Ghee: You are the sweet nourisher and refiner of virtue. You give $80-119 per month.

Ojas: You are the strong protector and fountain of compassion. You give $120 or more per month.

Getting Started

If you feel moved to participate, you can sign up and become an MGO donor right now.

Just use the MGO Donation button below. Only recurring monthly donations are accepted.

Set up Your Recurring Monthly Donation to join Milk Ghee Ojas

Jaya Kula is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated in the State of Maine. Our EIN is 47-3351228. General donations and donations to Milk Ghee Ojas are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowable by law.