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Ayurveda is the naturopathic science of life from India. It harmonizes the physical and emotional so that spiritual life can thrive. This beautiful, living tradition of self-care is an essential component of Tantrik practice.

The foundation of any authentic spiritual practice are the daily rituals that recalibrate our energy and divinize our lives. Whether you are busy raising a family, or sitting on a mountain, the Ayurvedic practices offered here are essential expressions of a full human life.

Practices: Ayurveda

  • Dinacharya – the Ayurvedic daily ritual for recalibrating and seating prana. Essential for all. Dinacharya (PDF)
  • Offering and Receiving Nourishment – a ritual for eating well. Offering and Receiving Nourishment (PDF)

Jaya Kula recommends the following Ayurvedic suppliers and resources.

  • Banyan Botanicals
    The premier U.S. supplier of organic ayurvedic herbs, formulas, oils, and other products.
  • Ayurvedic Institute
    High-quality ayurvedic products and reliable information about ayurveda. The Institute sells all-natural kum kum and other puja supplies.