Navigating with Energy

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April 10, 2019

In addition to our physical body, we each have a subtle energy body. How can our energy body help us to move more skillfully in our everyday lives? A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

When we want to have the correct view of ourselves as individuals, a good way to think about that is as waves in an ocean. That’s a really traditional way of talking about being a human being or any sort of individual entity, even just stuff.

The reason for that is that a wave is an aspect of ocean. It’s not separate from the ocean. It’s continuous with the ocean, and it’s made out of ocean. In fact, it is ocean. But it has a quasi-independent kind of existence. We can look at a wave and recognize that it’s a wave, but we couldn’t really say where it begins and ends. And then it has this natural life cycle. It arises out of the ocean and then subsides. Whatever is in the ocean is also in the wave.

It’s important—until we’re more enlightened—to try to be in environments that are good oceans. You don’t end at your skin, and your skin is porous. Your physical body is open to the environment, but your energy body is also open to the environment. When we think of our energy body, we’re talking about the subtle anatomy of chakras and channels. We can also just think of it as our vibratory level of existence. It’s a level of existence that’s extremely sensitive to what’s happening around it.

Each of us, everything around us, buildings, and every environment we’re in all have this vibratory, subtle level of existence.


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