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Wisdom Tools

Satsang with ShambhaviHow can we gain more nuanced insights into our circumstances when we are not yet very realized? Shambhavi riffs on tools for Tantrikas, including astrology and divination. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

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Divination: a Guru in your Pocket

ClarityJust about every religion or spiritual tradition, and every culture on earth, has developed forms of divination. This includes Christianity where battles rage about whether divination is holy or unholy, pious or pagan.

One pastor wrote: “Divination is forbidden not because it does not work, but because it does. It works to put people in touch with spiritual forces and secret knowledge.”

In many cultures throughout history, divination has been used to assist with making choices about everyday life whether you might be a farmer, a merchant, spiritual leader, a yogi, a warrior, or a government. Read On…

Astrology and Freedom

nakshatrasNearly everyone, including experienced astrologers, talks about the planets causing us to do this or that in our lives.

Or people say, often with great glee, “such and such is happening because of my astrology.”

The Sanskrit word for planet is “Graha,” or “Grabber.” The planets are said to seize humans with their powerful influences.

The fact is, we are not seized by planets and stars. We are seized by the results of our own habitual, limited actions. Read On…

Prediction and Predestination

The following exchange took place via e-mail between Sayan Banerjee, a reader of Jaya Kula, and myself. I asked for Sayan’s permission to reproduce it here as I feel it may be helpful to others.

Sayan: What do you think about the predictions made about future events in people’s lives, and is our life predestined? Read On…