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Dig One Well Deep, Share the Water

I’ve declared the time between now and August 2016 a year for our spiritual community, Jaya Kula, to discover and explore the nature of generosity. Want to join us?



The inspiration is Jupiter’s recent transit into Leo. The opportunities of this transit are either to relax and share, or bloat up. By “bloat,” I mean literally get fat, or become inflated with gaseous self-aggrandizement that everyone but you can smell.

So how to discover greater generosity? Read On…

A Message to My Friends About Drugs

What do you want from your spiritual practice? What do you want from life? To me these are the same question.

Since I was a small child, I have always wanted to find out about reality. What is going on here? What is our place in the cosmos? What is the nature of the self, of existence?

Devi Awake


I hit puberty in the late 60s and was a teenager and young adult in the 70s. I tried a variety of recreational drugs.

No matter what the drug – marijuana, psychedelics, cocaine, or opiates – I arrived at the same conclusion.

I might get jumped up, or experience something “cool,” or even have an insight, but every drug I tried ultimately impaired or dampened the clarity, natural intelligence and just basic goodness of my everyday life. The world experienced through drugs was just not as interesting or vibrant as the world encountered in my normal, un-high state.

Read On…

The Refuge of Service

When I first started doing sadhana, I thought everything was about powering through big Tantrik practices. But I found as I went on that it’s okay to be simple. And I discovered that beyond the simplicity of seated practice, offering seva, or service to the teacher and community, or anybody really, is a great great refuge. Read On…

Primordial Devotion

Devotion is the ocean into which all streams of wisdom virtues resolve.

Devotion is the supreme wisdom.

Clarity, knowledge, wonder, curiosity, mercy, love, compassion, creativity, vajra pride—all of these give rise, collectively, to devotion.

Devotion is the perfume, the natural effluent of the natural state, rigpa.

A realized person emits this perfume in every gesture, and its single attribute is total perfection in actions and non-actions of creation, care, and destruction.

It is not possible to self-realize without discovering and embodying devotion. Read On…

Land, waterway, sky by Nandikesha Jungwirth

Positive Tantra

As Tantrikas, our attitude should be: How can I work with each and every circumstance? How can I participate positively? How, in spite of various compulsions, can I open my heart and find the freshness and potential in each moment?

Tantrikas are not fatalistic. We try not to let ourselves be swept forward by the momentum of compulsion and fixation. We do not baby ourselves with either hope or hopelessness.

We don’t focus on past or imagined future calamity. We understand that obstruction is a communication. Every obstruction is an invitation to go deeper, to expand one’s senses, to let go of limiting concepts, to reach for the subtlety of nature’s communication and to follow that.

Sometimes people take up negative, or fatalistic attitudes as a strategy for gaining control over others. Compulsive negativity hijacks attention, hijacks energy and is a drag on the collective efforts of other people. At the root of such negativity is competitiveness and fear of being exposed: fear of not being up to the task of living.

Negative thought stunts personality and stifles all effort. It kills initiative—Swami Sivananda Read On…