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Sound is the foundation of life, and sound can bring you directly to the realization of your true nature. The sound of chanting, bells, mantra, and kirtan is everywhere in Tantrik practice and life. We invite you to chant and sing!

chants we sing at the beginning and end of satsang

Here’s the complete chant sheet followed by individual chant PDFs and recordings.

Jaya Kula Opening and Closing Chants complete (PDF)

Chant to Ganesha (PDF)


Sharada Stotram (PDF)


Short Guru Stotram (PDF – see Sri Guru Stotram mp3 below for tune)

Sri Guru Stotram (PDF)


Student Teacher Prayer (PDF)


Shanti Path (PDF)


CHANT The Names of Anandamayi Ma

Jai Hridaya Vasini (PDF)

The names sung in Jai Hridaya Vasini were chosen by Jyotish Chandra Roy, one of Anandamayi Ma’s principle disciples. The original version of Jai Hridaya Vasini was composed and sung by Mrs. Lata S. Patel and can be found here. Archana, Jaya Kula’s kirtan and bhajan group, is singing the names with a new tune and arrangement  offered by Archana kirtan wallah Devamadhu.

108 Names of Anandamayi Ma  (PDF)

Jaya Kula chants the 108 Names of Anandamayi Ma. These names were chosen by Jyotish Chandra Roy.

Tune is “Devi Prayer” by Craig Pruess & Ananda, copyright Heaven on Earth Music, from the album “108 Sacred Names of Mother Divine” — Used with permission. Thanks, Craig!