Middle Street Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra

June 28, 2018

Our government, planet, and millions of people are suffering a massive upheaval. Many people are taking actions in the world to correct our course and care for each other. Mantra is an important way that we can contribute positively to liberation and healing of ourselves, others, and our planet.

Please join the Jaya Kula community in chanting the Vedic Mahamrtyunjaya Mantra.

Mahamrtyunjaya means the great victory over death. The victory is in both healing on a relative plane, and also in discovering the eternal life of which we are all made.

This version of the Mahamrtyunjaya mantra is chanted by Archana, Jaya Kula’s kirtan and chanting group. Feel free to chant this, or any version of the mantra that you know.

Shambhavi suggests chanting the mantra a minimum of 9 times per evening as a prayer for the liberation and well-being of all.

Mahamrtyunjaya PDF