Stop Competing and Enjoy

Enjoying Friends
October 6, 2021

You can just be ok with your real condition. Humility, modesty, and sobriety are the antidotes to pride and jealousy. A podcast from Satsang with Shambhavi

Podcast First Words

Someone said on our Slack today that they were relieved because everyone in our community was on an even plane. Sort of like a field of graphic dots on graph paper. And this was relieving.

Now, this is true in an absolute sense that everyone has totally equality.

But I want you to think of half-tone photographs. Does everyone know what those are?

They’re like photographs that are created out of little dots. They rely on an optical trick because the physiology of our eyes translates it into a solid image, even though it’s actually made up of tiny little dots. So you have this field of dots, but then arising out of it is this very unique picture. That’s actually more accurate if we want to include both the absolute and the relative view of what is happening among people.

So there are many people in our community and this applies to anyone and everyone, not just to our community. We have total equality in the sense that we are all made of and full of enlightened essence nature. That enlightened essence nature, that unconditioned essence nature, is giving rise to all of this variety out of itself.

And this is what Ma meant when she said the music that you hear depends on how you play the instrument. For her, of course, everyone was just God, but she was still, even in her condition, recognizing the unique dimension of each person and the unique relationship that happens between every student and every teacher. How you relate to the teacher is the cause of what you receive back as music. So I just wanted to say that.


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